A success story

Who We Are

Divine Experience Nigeria Limited is formed to render services through diverse channels, specialising in computer operations and financial support for customers.

There are various means where the public needs solutions to their computing problems and increased access to digital services. In this era of rapid information exchange facilitated by technology, we offer such access to enable and empower both young and old, with our primary target group being teenagers and the young adults.

Our particular focus is providing solutions to people who cannot afford complete computer operations within their home or office locations. Such individuals will always have access to our facilities, a well-equipped computer facility centre that handles and serves in the following areas:

  • Transfer from handwritten to typed content
  • Printing (ranging from low to high volume)
  • Photocopying (ranging from low to high volume)
  • Cooperative small financial loans to businesses

Divine Experience Nigeria Limited majorly organises a kind of cooperative society where people join hands to contribute together and in turns take some loans repaid at a specific time. This is rotational within the group and in the Yoruba dialect it is called ESUSU. It is not purely a microfinance, but a simplified traditional way to support to a certain level the downtrodden in the society. This otherwise disenfranchised group now can gain and enjoy access to a platform that gives mutual benefits to them as equal participants on financial investments. Most of the individuals that make up this group are often not very well read and therefore speak the same language to get the best understanding of their company together. Divine Experience Nigeria Limited gives the best of co-coordination for the smooth handling and running of the outfit.

Divine Experience provides advisory services and counsel to all members on the use of the loans taken, by investing wisely and guiding them against any waste. The ultimate goal is to expand their very small business to become bigger and sustainable over time.

  • Mission

    To develop outstanding services, to generate resources and support for people in very low and unstable financial conditions in order for their enterprises to grow in marketing, finance, relevance and value in the industry such individual operate in.

  • Vision

    To project a company that is differentiated by its passion to support, encourage and promote the downtrodden in the society in their various enterprises in order to attain a meaningful life.

  • Values

    Recognise the potential and relevance of our customers and support them with our passion to start, promote and expand their new or existing businesses.